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The Morning Credo

Twi’twi! twi’lilililili~~~ | twi’twi’twi~~~

The sounds came streaming in, not in an intrusive manner, rather like a calming prelude, transmitting and conveying blurry visual images and floating aural impressions of the outside world that was just beginning to rise up to the visible world which the faint rays of the Sun had began to illuminate.
That sudden presence of those eloquent voices within the fields of our auditory sensibilities, ushering in a partial glimpse of the dawn as it spurred consciousness into a wakeful and an attentive state.
The constant back and forth dialogues, flutter of wings and crackling sounds of twigs, was extinguishing the somnolent diaphragm of the night, texturing and layering the foundations of a sonorous morning credo of the day, and allowing the languages of the universes of things and non things in doing what it does best, talking directly and permeating the entirety of the visible and the non visible.
The yellowish and golden orange coloured stanzas of the rising sun, with its own poetic and eloquent morning cadence, was flooding the hills, slowly dispelling and dissipating the lingering remnants of the receding night, stirring creation into a conscious state of visibility and awareness as the world began to arise from its deep universes of dreams and of that which lies beyond the thresholds of time and consciousness.
We had awaken to the ubiquitous and captivating aural performances of the Savannahs, as the night’s tender and amorphous bluish glare began fading into it’s own folds. Its meditative evanescence, interleaving with the emerging cantos of the abundant presence of life.

Title.: Portraiture of Mambuti New Moon Dance Author: Emmanuel Tanka Fonta 13 Digit ISBN: 978-1-894821-41-4 | 10 Digit ISBN: 1-894821-41-6 Subject: Contemporary African | Contemporary Ballet Instrumentation : Small Orchestra with 5 Percussion Category : Concert Genre : Art Music / Improv / Classical Duration : 8:44 minutes Difficulty : Difficult/professional (Grades 7-8+) Add Info […]