Mani – Goumba Mantras

Composition for Contemporary African Ballet.
Title.: Mani – Goumba Mantras I, Subtitled: Poly – Rhythmus Africanus. Author: Tanka Emmanuel Fonta
13 Digit ISBN: 978-1-894821-17-9 10 Digit ISBN: 1-894821-17-3. Subject: Traditional / Contemporary African Music
Instrumentation : 48 Instruments divided into three sections. Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion.
4 Flutes, 4 Oboes, 4 Clarinets in Bb, 4 Bassoons, 4 Saxophones, 4 Horn in F, 4 Trumpets in Bb, 2 Flugelhorn, Drumset, Cymbals, Bass Drum, 2 Toms Toms, Cowbell, Sticks, Shekere, 2 Djouns Djouns I, 2 Djouns Djouns II, Congas I, Congas II, WoodBlock, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Marimba
Copyright © Fonta Tanka Emmanuel 2007 | Publisher, CWJEF Music Publications, Admin. By CWJEF Music Publications, All Rights Reserved.
Socan Canada | ASCAP USA: Socan Work Number: 34489058

Original composition scored for a large ensemble. A complex, challenging & energetic work, integrating variegated aural symbolic themes, melodic & rhythmic structures & antique motifs of the music of the upper Ngemba people of the savanna grass fields of Equatorial Africa. It is a thematic exposition on the very primal essence of the music of the masquerade musical art form composed & conveyed in a contemporary form with Western instrumentation.