Incantations of a Bantu Mask

Aural Exposition

An original work scored for 2 Cellos with African percussion. Written in the idiomatic form & structure of variegated Tikari masquerade dance music. Integrating Tikari dance symbolism, imageries, themes, motifs & improvisational elements in a contemporary voice.

  • Title: Incantations of a Bantu Mask
  • Author: Emmanuel Tanka Fonta
  • 13-Digit ISBN: 978-1-894821-77-3
  • 10 Digit ISBN: 1-894821-77-7
  • Instrumentation : 2 Cello & Percussion
  • Category : Concert | Educational
  • Genre : African
  • Duration : 6:21 minutes
  • Difficulty : Difficult/professional (Grades 7-8+)
  • Score, Parts, CD, 30cm; Spiral bound

Pulses, Spaces, Time, Motion & Movements: Essences of Rhythm

A sonic & aural studies/explorations on the fundamental essence, nature & role of the multi-dimensionality of variegated rhythmic structures; “punctuated time”, “suspended pauses”, pulses & rhythm in music/song, chanting/poetry & the dance with a thematic focus on the music & the creative arts of Central West Africa.

Creation, Articulation, Expressiveness, Resonances. Perception & intuitive pulses, circles & filaments of intelligent connectivity, time & movements, imagery, forms, structures, order. Composition, solo & ensemble performance, accompaniment, performance techniques