The Rainmaker’s Song I

Title: The Rainmaker’s Song I
Author: Emmanuel Tanka Fonta
13 Digit ISBN: 978-1-894821-47-6 | ISBN: 1-894821-47-5
Instrumentation : Orchestra
Category : Concert
Genre : Art Music
Duration : 3:56 minutes
Difficulty : Difficult/professional (Grades 7-8+)
Add Info : Score, Parts, CD, 30cm; Spiral bound
Areas of Interest: Musicology, Ethnomusicology & Performance


Original work for chamber orchestra inspired & thematically written in the idiomatic structure and form of a traditional African masquerade music & integrating elements of jazz music. A masterful thematic expositions on the forms, structures, idioms, themes, rhythms, melodies, harmonies, polyphony, polyrhythms and textural patterns inherent in the musical idiolects of different traditional African plucked and bowed string instruments, vocal chant music as well as the idioms of pitched percussion instruments such as the xylophone, thumb piano and marimba.

7 - 8+

Grade Level: